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Successful innovation requires vision, passion, creativity and entrepreneurship. A helping hand can be useful and that's my work: helping people and organizations to innovate. I do that through research, consultancy, writing and story-telling.

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For me the best way to be creative is to share ideas with others, to exchange feedback on ideas. Writing is a great way to do that, also with people you don't know yet. For me it's also the best way to think, to structure my ideas. It works best on a quiet evening, the cursor blinking on a clean page, a few days before a deadline. In this section you'll find a selection of publications in English from the past years.

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There are fewer and fewer 'steady jobs'. Instead our working life is looking more like a string of projects. I always advise people not to view their careers as an upwards path in the hierarchy of an organisation or society as a whole, but as a story of personal development, with each project as an opportunity to learn a lesson.

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